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How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Fellatio.


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First, forget fellatio. The word, that is, forget the word fellatio. I never liked it. Sounds yuck. Not to mention a fancy “mouthful” (teehee) of a word — clinical, not sexy. From the Latin, it means I would be called a fellatrix, a woman who practices fellatio.

From Middle English, the word “suck” sounds simpler, stronger, more fun. And it rhymes with “fuck.”

But enough of these linguistic abstractions. It’s the story — with lots of juicy details — that’s important. The story of what happened earlier today that made me start this little essay…this feuilleton on fellatio.

Outside is cold, cold, as my gray-leggings-and-red-bra-clad body snuggles in a huge white, fluffy down comforter. I cradle my laptop, its screen flickering from the fireplace in front of the snuggly sofa where I’m ensconced. Also contributing to the cozy atmospherics: an afterglow of the sweet scent of semen. It’s what remains of what just happened. That — and a memory I’ll now try to put into words while my boyfriend is taking a hot shower, getting dressed, then going out to a business meeting that has nothing to do with me.

Just a few minutes ago we were snuggling together, too— and giggling, burrowed beneath the comforter. You can call it hygge, that Scandinavian word of the moment connoting “cozy and safe.” It’s a mood, a psychological state. Whatever it’s called, my head felt instinctively drawn to the warmth of his penis, whose stiffening my leggings and his corduroys failed to disguise.

Without thinking, I bent down and unzipped him. It seemed so natural. Indeed, the moment — nature itself! — required it. So, so different from other times I had given head; then it was as if the guys themselves had required it. To suck cock, to give a blow job: it was performance art, about which I imagined myself being graded (“Make me cum, baby!”). Sometimes they would grab my hair, force themselves deep down my throat, and make me gag.

But now he didn’t have to ask me. I surprised him. It was something I felt a spontaneous and overwhelming urge to do.

When I first slipped him into my mouth, he was certainly stiff but not yet rock-hard. With my lips tight against his shaft, I didn’t move. I just luxuriated in the foreign yet strangely pleasant sensations of feeling him quickly expand against my tongue and throat. Only then did I begin to move my head, ever so slowly, in gentle, circular motions so that my lips glided around the penis nestled in my mouth.

I’ve done a lot of yoga, but all those meditative movements and breathing have never brought me to such a state of perfect quietude and liberation. “Non-self emptiness and highest happiness,” I’ve heard it called.

Time itself seemed to stop. During sexual intercourse, on the other hand, I’m always aware — at least dimly so — of progression toward a climax…and becoming frustrated if that endpoint isn’t reached. You remain a captive of linear time, and its corollary of hurtful and harmful history.

But now was like a stillpoint. Nothing existed — not even the horror of Trump as President — beyond the sensation of my boyfriend’s cock snuggly in my mouth. Being a baby again with a pacifier is an obvious analogy perhaps. All I know and can now report is that I wasn’t conscious of anything except the pure pleasure of security and contentment.

Is this what is meant by tantric sex? The purpose of which extends beyond procreation as a means to spiritual fulfillment — breaking down and making obsolete all physical boundaries and societal taboos. Swallowing his penis, I am become him. And he, me. And something I never thought I’d dare say:

I find myself wishing I could wear forever the pearl necklace he gave me.


Made dievca think: Make Up


I’m guilty as charged!


Cartoon Putting Make-Up on

Are you guilty?  dievca is guilty.
How many times has she put make-up on in the car….while driving.
How many times have you done it?
(Ok, Gentlemen, you can chime up for this, too! XO)

Daily Mail UK: Nearly 1/2 the Women who drive apply make behind the wheel and cause 450K Car accidents per year.

dievca has never caused an accident due to her inattention to traffic because of make-up.
Thank Goodness!

Now? You will be happy to know that dievca does not own a car. Therefore, she is not behind the wheel putting on make-up anymore… Instead, she does the NYC version and sometimes puts her make-up on in a cab, on the subway, or she catches herself watching people (Men and Women — it’s NYC, people!) putting their make-up on. It is fascninating — she is not alone. It’s the opportunity to be a voyeur…

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Trump, Taxes, War and Lenin: Yet Another Russian Connection!


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a_Lenin_240px-Locomotive_293On Saturday, April 15th, Americans took to the streets — yet again! — to protest Don John Trump. This time, it was a Tax March. Meanwhile, here in Zurich, a similarly polarizing figure has my attention:

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by the alias Lenin. The following day, April 16th, will mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Trump-like, Bolshevik destruction of the Russian “administrative state.” As Winston Churchill so eloquently said of this World War I inflection point:

Full allowance must be made for the desperate tasks to which the German war leaders were already committed… Nevertheless it was with a sense of awe that they turned upon Russia the most grisly of weapons. They transported Lenin in a sealed train like a plague bacillus from Switzerland to Russia.

Nadya, wife.

On the train with Lenin was not only his wife but also his mistress. Nadezhda Konstantinovna “Nadya” Krupskaya was the wife. Inessa Fyodorovna Armand (born Elisabeth-Inès Stéphane d’Herbenville) was the mistress.

Quite often I find myself in the Zürich Hauptbahnhof, the very same, largely unchanged railway station, from whence they departed exactly a century ago. Walking where they once walked, I can’t help but wonder what it must have been like to be in their shoes. Not literally: I prefer to keep wearing my Stuart Weitzman 550’s!

Inessa, mistress.

How much are our personalities reflected — or even (God help us) formed! — by the clothes (not just shoes!) we wear? That’s the kind of silly, distracting question I find myself mulling over lately as current events seem increasingly reminiscent of horrors from the past. Just as in the days leading up to World War I, there’s the distinct whiff in the Trumpian air of unimaginable but impending catastrophe, as pungent as decaying corpses.

What can be done? What can any individual do to confront the often evil forces of history? That actually is the title of an 1863 utopian novel that both Inessa and Nadya, as well as Lenin himself, found formative: What Is to Be Done? A spiritual, socialistic model for idealized society, the book justified Lenin’s open marriage and fueled both Nadya and Inessa’s aspirations for women’s rights and “freedom in love.”

Now, a century later — and thus privy to where their dreams led (a failed Communist state, the concomitant loss of freedom, endless conflict) — I find myself retreating into personal fantasies, thinking the thoughts that writers think, wondering who I would have rather been — the mistress or the wife, Inessa or Nadya — and what was it like, really like, to fuck Lenin?

Sex always seems somehow more intense, more desperately meaningful when set against the backdrop of violent, world-changing events. How much fun they surely must have had on that sealed train to Russia. Isn’t it pretty to think so!


That Time I Was “Destroyed” by Steve Bannon


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I normally don’t wear much makeup, but for this special date I poured on powder and foundation, immaculately layered for that polished porcelain look, a la Ivanka Trump. The multiple coats of mascara, the blush accentuating my cheekbones, the lipliner delicately enlarging my mouth into a sensuous pout…were all set, as in concrete, with a final flourish of the big, fluffy brush bathed in powder.

I was told he “liked his women that way” — idealized, photoshopped, as if on a fashion magazine cover or worshipped on a pedestal (all the better to be knocked down!) As for what he looked like, from his pictures, you could tell he was considerably older than I, his body a little paunchy, his face ruddy and puffy probably from both working and drinking too much. But you could also tell he had once been handsome; now by all accounts, he was rich and smart but also “complicated.”

As with all blind dates — not to mention Forrest Gump’s “box of chocolates” — you never know exactly what you’re going to get. The same could be said for whom you elect as President! — but that’s getting ahead of this story.

I won’t bother to tell you what I wore, for it makes me sad to be reminded: one of most expensive, seductive outfits now tattered and in shreds.

Did I mind that he had been married ana_bannond divorced three times? No. Was I bothered that he talked about himself the whole time over dinner? Not really, because the Pinot Noir (two bottles!) we shared was reputedly among the world’s best. What did upset me were his political views and how he compared himself to Lenin, Thomas Cromwell (Henry VIII’s hatchet man), and Mikhail Bakunin (the 19th century Russian anarchist and nationalist whose writings serve as violent templates for anti-globalists today). My date’s eyes lit up, awakening his sleepy demeanor, when he quoted Bakunin’s belief in:

“The passion for destruction as a creative force.”

Yes, by now you’ve guessed, my blind date was Steven Bannon. And I don’t mean to suggest that what he did to me is the equivalent to what he’s now doing, as Trump’s brain, with the State Department, EPA, etc., not to mention U.S. treaty obligations. But I will say this:

When I saw him recently on television (the only time I’ve seen him since that blind date), he declared that his mission was “to deconstruct the administrative state,” and I couldn’t help but be reminded of his words that night:

I’m going to destroy you! You need it. Admit it.

“Destroy,” according to Urban Dictionary, means to have very hard sex, or go to town on a woman usually in derogatory fashion with the bloke deriving most of the sexual pleasure and often wishing to inflict some element of short term pain, hoping the woman will bleed or walk ‘bow-legged’ for several days afterwards…. It can also mean that the sex is so good for the woman that her independence is destroyed, her submission complete.

Was this was a yummy dream or hellish nightmare?  Forget about me.  Think, instead, about what Steven Bannon means for the future of United States!


The Donald John Trump Effect….


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….When Even Everyday Encounters Become Fraught…..


“Hello,” he says, as I buckle my seatbelt and tug on the hem of my pencil skirt, now riding up well above my knees. I should have worn leggings. He’s American, I think.

“Guten Tag,” I reply. Maybe he’ll leave me alone.

“Do you speak English?” Head down, he seems to be addressing my lap, as his laser-like gaze stays fixed on my knees and what he can make out of my thighs. My expensive opaque tights won’t protect me. His right leg squeezes against me.

“A little English,” I lie. It’s a little lie. My gaze is downward, too, following his eyes to my lap.

Usually, I like window seats. Looking out from the fuselage through the fuzzy Plexiglas, I feel less claustrophobic. But as with just about anything in life, negatives can offset the positives. In this case, it seems I’ll be trapped on the hour-long flight to Paris with a man who wants to chat — and maybe more.

Usually, too, I wouldn’t mind. After all, he’s not bad looking, has a sexy voice, is dressed like a successful businessman — and I have been known to love to flirt. What’s wrong now? I wonder. Why do I feel so uncomfortable, on this, my first plane trip since last fall? And then I remember and realize:

In the back of my mind is the creepy notion that at any moment this handsome, seemingly pleasant, stranger might suddenly, without the slightest warning, reach down, across the flimsy barrier of the armrest, and try to grab my pussy.

— –

How has Donald John Trump changed your life? Please share a comment.

TOP THREE: That’s Me. (It rhymes!)

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The Case of the Purloined Panties ……and stories that are stolen.


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I’m now typing black letters on a white screen, but the truth is never so clear as simple black and white. Any narrative can be stolen, just like my panties. Let me try to explain….


When the now infamous Rolling Stone account of a gang rape of a coed named “Jackie” at the prestigious University of Virginia, it was shocking enough for any reader, but for me….

It was especially shocking, because I could identify, as if my own very personal past was suddenly being rewritten by an omniscient, third-person narrator. Long-buried memories, formerly fixed, seemed suddenly subject to radical revision.

I could have been Jackie.

And now it appears we both have been liars.

That Rolling Stone editors, and others, subsequently called into question Jackie’s own first-person narrative does not diminish the truth-telling the story forced on me.

Such is the power of the written word, especially when imbued with a reporter’s implicit goal of objectivity — trumping the subjective point of view of a first-person (often unreliable) narrator — that I began questioning my memory as if I’d become my own prosecuting attorney or investigative reporter.

So in reading Jackie’s story, I allowed myself to think the unthinkable: Was I also raped? And have I been lying all these years, both to myself and others? Have my friends been my enablers?

The story — a lie? — which I had always told myself was in the impressionistic first-person present, as it was happening, and then, as the years went by, ever more factually fixed in the first-person past. And it was simply this:

When you’ve had too much, way too much to drink, and the people all around you are drunk as well, distinctions and definitions blur. What does the word “consensual” really mean anyway, as slurred words and affectionate embraces morph into sloppy kisses and fumbling bodies? You feel yourself being touched, groped, brushed up against, maybe even actually penetrated. Is that a finger that is felt? It tickles; no, it hurts. Or maybe not?

When you wake up, you find it laughable that you can’t find your knickers, tossed somewhere on the floor of his messy room. It’s so much easier to laugh than to cry. But cry I did when I got back to my dorm room and told my roommates what had happened. Wiping away my tears, as friends do to alleviate the pain, they helped me frame the first-person narrative that made me feel better — and that, until now, had comforted me.

Everything from that night was a blur except, for some reason, my missing and now lost panties. Lost, or stolen? And never found. There was no way they could have been violently ripped off; I would have remembered that, right?

So, yes, of course, it was consensual. Well, if not exactly consensual, it’s understandable that my date inferred as much. Otherwise….

Otherwise, I’d be compelled to utter that awful, scorching, and forever scarring word. Rape. You don’t want to say it — not out loud, not even to yourself. To be a victim, that is not your self-image. And you would certainly never date a rapist, would you?

A thief, on the other hand, that’s so much understandable, even forgivable. So I focused, even fixated, on my stolen panties. Even today, all these years later, they’re as real as if I were wearing them now: black, matching my bra at the time; bikini; newly purchased from a boutique near campus.

But a reporter — trying to be objective, writing in the third person — is not afraid to use the “R” word and edit out what’s not important — in this instance, a flimsy piece of lingerie.

As my own first-person narrator, however, to cry “rape” would make the alleged rapist and his friends enemies for life. Instead of friends having fun, I’d be at war forever. Who wants that?

Thus what I told myself — and what my complicit friends confirmed — is that I shouldn’t worry about what had happened. It was all part of having a good time in college, of being well-rounded, of learning how to be a party girl, you know?

Itwould become essential to the way I saw myself, and presented that self to others — the persona I was forging. I was no longer just a bookworm or a nerd; I was now a brilliant wild woman, living on the edge, desired by desirable men, accepted as one of the boys — a Facebook-era rendition of Zelda Fitzgerald, partying the weekends away. This cultivated self-image was as central to my college identity as my signature miniskirts, baggy sweaters, Wolford tights, and knee-high boots.

“We had fun, didn’t we?” he said when we saw each other next. I smiled, winked, and put my index finger to my lips as if to say, “don’t tell anyone how deliciously naughty I can be.” I quietly asked, and we snickered about, my panties.

They my brand-new, lace bikini panties — would become the leitmotif controlling my narrative. More than that, their thief became almost an obsession, my very own fetish that I would toy with, playing over and over again in my mind. Although his room was a mess, I’m certain my underwear was never “lost,” as he claimed. Surely, they would have turned up sometime, and he would have then used their sudden discovery as a convenient excuse to date me again?

Instead, I could picture — ever more vividly with each rewind — his balling up the panties in his fist and stuffing them somewhere never to be found during my fumbling, frantic search while hurriedly getting dressed to escape his room. But why did he want me never to find them? I could only imagine. A trophy, a souvenir, a memento? To boast, as in show-and-tell, to others? Or to secret away for masturbatory fantasies? Did he ever wash them? Did he ever wear them himself, imagining he had become me, as if a predator eating its prey?

Every possible — even the weirdest, least likely — scenario about my purloined panties played out in my mind. Anything to keep me from acknowledging the real theft, what I had suffered indeed. It would take a third person — a Rolling Stone reporter — to finally tell the truth of what had happened to me. First-person storytellers — including Jackie apparently, and especially me — seldom can be trusted.

a office1

Note: An earlier version of this, my very personal, essay was just published in the new London literary magazine “Talking Soup.”

Writer’s block? It could be your ovaries, try sorting the spice rack instead.

Angela Barnett

PourAngelic 04Recently I listened to Alisa Vitti’s TED talk about women’s monthly cycles and it blew my fallopian tubes apart. It shocked me so much I shared it on Facebook. It got six likes.

God, I am such an influencer.

But this is such a winning idea I need to share it again as I’ve had it all wrong. It’s not just the horny as hell day in the middle, then the weepy day where you want to simultaneously stab your partner in the eye and save every abandoned puppy online, and one bleedin’ annoying week to finish, but four different weeks every month.

Why don’t I know this?

Alisa, author of Women Code, nutritionist, hormone guru and all-round savvy scientist founded the FLO Living Center in Manhattan. She’s an expert on lady bits. In her talk, she explains that every week our hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenals, pancreas and ovaries are multi-tasking, and sending instructions…

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