I’m guilty as charged!


Cartoon Putting Make-Up on

Are you guilty?  dievca is guilty.
How many times has she put make-up on in the car….while driving.
How many times have you done it?
(Ok, Gentlemen, you can chime up for this, too! XO)

Daily Mail UK: Nearly 1/2 the Women who drive apply make behind the wheel and cause 450K Car accidents per year.

dievca has never caused an accident due to her inattention to traffic because of make-up.
Thank Goodness!

Now? You will be happy to know that dievca does not own a car. Therefore, she is not behind the wheel putting on make-up anymore… Instead, she does the NYC version and sometimes puts her make-up on in a cab, on the subway, or she catches herself watching people (Men and Women — it’s NYC, people!) putting their make-up on. It is fascninating — she is not alone. It’s the opportunity to be a voyeur…

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