Angela Barnett

PourAngelic 04Recently I listened to Alisa Vitti’s TED talk about women’s monthly cycles and it blew my fallopian tubes apart. It shocked me so much I shared it on Facebook. It got six likes.

God, I am such an influencer.

But this is such a winning idea I need to share it again as I’ve had it all wrong. It’s not just the horny as hell day in the middle, then the weepy day where you want to simultaneously stab your partner in the eye and save every abandoned puppy online, and one bleedin’ annoying week to finish, but four different weeks every month.

Why don’t I know this?

Alisa, author of Women Code, nutritionist, hormone guru and all-round savvy scientist founded the FLO Living Center in Manhattan. She’s an expert on lady bits. In her talk, she explains that every week our hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenals, pancreas and ovaries are multi-tasking, and sending instructions…

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