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Une flâneuse à Saint Paul de Vence, courtesy http://steponya.com/

Une flâneuse à Saint Paul de Vence, courtesy Stefania Varga at http://steponya.com/

“Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery.” So said Victor Hugo.

Whether I’m brave or not, I’m certainly curious.  There’s probably neither a sport too extreme nor a sexual act too perverse that has not at least tempted me into trying to learn what it’s all about.

But mostly my curiosity is satisfied — at least on a daily basis — by the simple and pedestrian (pun intended) act of walking.  Power walking.  Strolling. Window shopping.  Hiking.  Even street-walking (see my New Journalism piece at http://www.nerve.com/culture/streetwalker-night).  I’ve done them all.

But the kind of walking that is consistently the most rewarding is that of une flâneuse, wherein I’m the observer, not the observed. So many other women are increasingly adopting this traditional male walking style that it sometimes feels as if we’re in catty competition:


Check it out, and tell me if I’m being too much of a resentful bitch!