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yoga_omOm/Aum, mantra and mystical sound of Hindu origin.

As creation began, the divine, all-encompassing consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration manifesting as sound “OM.” Before creation, there was only the emptiness or the void. The vibration of “OM” symbolizes the manifestation and reflection of the absolute reality, without beginning or end and embracing all that exists.

If your yoga class is like mine, you know all this already; and the class’s ritualized ending always includes sitting, legs crossed, mind focused in the here and now, humming “OM.”

But I’m not yet the yogini I strive to be, so my thoughts invariably wander.  And I can’t keep this deliciously naughty thought out of my head:

Wouldn’t it be fun to hum “Om” while performing oral sex!  I wonder if that would bring me to an orgasm, too!

The three O’s: Om.  Oral Sex.  Orgasm.  Now that’s a new “Story of O!”