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I’m not a narcissist — really I’m not! — when I say that from the tiniest, self-absorbed details of my everyday life are illuminated grand truths of universal value.  Illumination requires light, of course; and the word “light” begins with the letter “l,” and so “light” is the subject of today’s Blogging Challenge.

Bright green silk skirt

As the days lengthen, I find the sun suddenly shining through my office window.  Its happy, life-giving rays are welcome, of course; but when it shines directly on me and my desk, I find it disconcerting…

…not because it distracts from my work so much as that it makes me question my wardrobe choices for the day!  And thus an epiphany is born.

The green skirt that when I zipped it on this morning, seemed beautiful in its understated and muted way, now seems garish.

And with a big business meeting coming up, this is neither the time nor place to look like a harlot!

Now I finally understand why the very best painters always prefer north light for their studios. Its light doesn’t change, and the color values stay steady.

But you probably already knew that?