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Random Musings And Wanderlust

Keraunophobia or Ceraunophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning.(Astraphobia, Astrapophobia)

The word Origin is Greek~ Keraunos = ‘thunderbolt’ 


This if a fear I luckily Do Not have. I actually quite enjoy a good thunderstorm and lightning show. They are quite soothing for me.

Lightning Cloud Crawler via photopin (license)Lightning Cloud Crawler via photopin(license)

But I do understand fears. I have a fear of Escalaphobia~ Escalators. I developed it after my car accident, and going down escalators I have to let at least 3 steps go by before feeling safe to get on them. My balance was so off kilter and I was fearful of falling and reinjuring my knees.

Odd maybe, but then again you can say a fear of thunder and lightning is weird too.

photo credit: Lightning in Parker via photopin (license) photo credit: Lightning in Parker via photopin(license)

For me I remember as a kid, I was a little afraid of the lightning and thunder storms…

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