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Do you ever feel like a gynoid?  That is, trying to make yourself over into an idealized form of female crafted from the minds of men?  If so, and you’re like me, we come from a long and storied tradition.

Starting with Hephaestus in the Iliad who created female servants of metal and Ilmarinen in the Kalevala who created an artificial wife.

Then, of course, there’s Ovid’s Pygmalion.  In this myth a female statue is sculpted so beautiful that the creator falls in love with it, and after praying to Venus, the goddess takes pity on him and converts the statue into a real woman, Galatea, with whom Pygmalion has children.

More recently, think “Stepford Wives!”

The latest “fembot” is in a new movie called “Ex Machina.”

Gynoid in "Ex Machina" movie, released this April

Gynoid in “Ex Machina” movie, released this April