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In joining this “challenge,” I promised to post every day in the month of April. Moreover, each post would highlight a letter of the alphabet.

My first post in April — about my Bukkake party — was “A” for an APRIL FOOLS joke.

This post, my second in April, is “B” — appropriately for BIMBO, because I really don’t know whether I’m smart enough to know whether I’m doing this A-to-Z Challenge thingie correctly.

Since I’m running a day behind, my Bimbo Brain believes I should also post here a “C.”  So I say “C” for CUNNILINGUS, what else!  Maybe I didn’t spell it right (because I’m a Bimbo), but you know what I mean.  And in case you don’t know how to do it, here’s a guide:


Hey, Guys....

Hey, Guys, I may look like a Bimbo — but I’m okay with that.