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Any Fool — or for that matter, any Bimbo, even me! — can have an opinion about anything.  And with the democratization of the Internet and the proliferation of Blogs, those often stupid opinions are tossed out and about with absolutely no moderation.

Pity the poor Public, who in their own innocence/ignorance must somehow sort the wheat from the chaff.  Where have all the editors gone?  And the so-called curators?

So imagine the validation I felt when the editorial page editors at The New York Times decided to publish a letter from Blogging Yours Truly!  Maybe I’m not such a Bimbo after all!


So what qualifies a Bimbo like me to have an informed opinion about military service?  Why, of course, all the soldiers and sailors and marines and pilots I’ve ever dated!  With few exceptions, they would all cringe whenever some stranger came up to them and said:

“Thank you for your service.”