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layered winter1

What’s your dream job?  Mine is to be a fashion writer!  Imagine getting paid to go to all the haute couture shows, rub shoulders with all the celebs, and then park your laptop at some trendy cafe to bang out words like:

“American fashion, like American politics, may be a discipline won by moving toward the middle, but the most riveting action often takes place on the sides. It is the extremists on the edges who make the clothes that are the most fun to see, and provocative to consider.”  Such were the words that appeared in today’s New York Times inspired by New York Fashion Week.

The theme of the story was that, for all the designers, black seemed to be the new black. Even Vera Wang, known for her all-white wedding frocks, “went dark…mixing oversize men’s wear pieces (drawstring trousers, jackets with the shoulders sliced out) with crisp white shirting, cinching taffeta gowns with trench-coat belts, and sprinkling cobweb dresses with leather blooms.”

What magic: the words that are woven!

On the subject of black, I have a confession: Probably 3/4’s of everything in my more than ample closet is black.  Call me conservative, call me boring, but it’s the fail-safe non-color I migrate to whenever I’m shopping.

And the rest of my wardrobe is simply in classic shades that work well with black: peach, blush, burgundy, camel, olive, yellow…. They’re not as understated as they sound, for if I wore anything brighter, it might call too much attention to the form-fitting skinnies and pencil skirts that I adore.

If I do don something bright, like the red in this photo, it’s as a highlight — little different from a luscious lipstick.

Hey, who knows, maybe I can become a fashion blogger, at least!