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World Economic Forum in Davos Rather than a fish out of water, call me a skier with no snow. That’s a more appropriate metaphor here in Davos, Switzerland, for the 45th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

I feel about as comfortable here as I do in the so-called Blogsphere, so I’ll try to link the two in a creative embrace.

Blogging, I’m just beginning to realize, works best when it reads like a diary you keep under your pillow, where you confide the secret thoughts and feelings emanating from your innermost soul.  No one else is supposed to read…never ever. So the fact that you’re reading “my diary” now must mean that you stole it — and there’s a certain thrill in that, right?  Or that I’m opening it up and sharing makes you, dear reader, very special indeed!

I’m in Davos as the guest of one of the 2,500 participants — world leaders, corporate executives, and NGO heads. For weeks beforehand, my anxiety played itself out in the age-old question: “What will I wear?”

Informal but professional.  That’s what I was told.  Which translates into a uniform of sorts, all black (except white silk blouse): wool twill blazer; stretch leather skinny pants; leather clutch; strap pumps.  And this, the only jewelry: stud earrings and leather-strap watch.

Everybody says I look great on this, the second day of the Forum.  So why, oh why, am I still so nervous?

Because now I have to change and get dressed for dinner!