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Who are you? Yes, you, dear (dream) reader, who are you?

That is the question posed this morning by my blogging instructor.  It’s a sign of a good question when I don’t know the answer, which is the case now.

I guess I had just assumed that my ideal or dream readers would be people like myself who want to live life as fully as possible — and then reflect upon those experiences, making them even fuller.

Drink deep of the Pierian spring!

But the sad fact is: I don’t have that many regular Blog readers — so-called “followers” — at least in comparison to my following on Medium and Facebook (almost 10,000!)

I’m therefore forced to confront the possibility that the tools I use to attract Blog readers — the same titillating tools that every woman who understands makeup and fashion has in her own toolbox — are attracting the “wrong kind of” readers.

That is, my blogging creates too many “one-night stands” — and too few long-term relationships! I guess I need to understand that blogging is not flirting!

Am I just flirting....?

Am I just flirting….?

Here’s a sample of the kind of thing I’ve written for Medium: