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Birth, and copulation, and death.
That’s all the facts when you come to brass tacks:
Birth, and copulation, and death.

Forgetting the universal truth in T.S. Eliot’s well-known lines, our policymakers make things more complicated than they really are.  Much more complicated, especially when it comes to forumlating and executing U.S. foreign policy:

Balance-of-power Systemics…. National Character approach….  Transactional, Transnational Analysis….  Game Theory…. Ad infinitum…. Ad nauseum….

Take the Ukraine and what to do about Vladimir Putin, for example.  The shirtless macho man, with his anti-gay rhetoric, is a classic case study from Freudian psychology:


Like a fluffer backstage in a porn film, U.S. foreign policy wonks need to know what turns on their international adversaries, actors on the world stage.