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Mirror, Me

Mirror, Me

Is it just me? Or are you like this, too?  I hope so!  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I must be a totally self-absorbed, narcissistic bitch!

Whenever I hear some fascinating sociological and scientific news, I immediately relate it to my own experiences.  Forget the Big Picture; it’s all about me.  I can’t help myself. 

Take the latest research from Umeå University in Sweden about sensory neurons in the human tactile, or touch, system. It turns out that these neurons are not just sending signals to the brain indicating that the skin has encountered some kind of object but are also processing complex information about that object before they send a signal on to the brain.  In other words, our skin is a kind of a cerebral cortex system itself, just like a brain.

Even a bimbo like me knew that already!  Who needs a brain to comprehend the most worthwhile experiences? — from feeling the fabric you’re about to purchase to holding the hand of the man who’s about to fuck you!

Or take a linguist’s recent computer-generated analysis that claims the little words we use, their pace and frequency, unconsciously reflect who we are.  Not the big content-heavy words like nouns and verbs, but pronouns and conjunctions.  

It’s the little things that count.  Of course, just like the nuance of pink shading in the lipstick I’m wearing right now!  

But we can’t change who we are by changing our word choices, the linguist further claims.  Nonsense!  I do that all the time, not just with my words but also, most importantly, with my cosmetics and clothes!  I’m a totally different person just by switching lipstick from Vibrant Peachy Pink to Light Creamy Lingerie Pink….